The Senar app brings you the best of AR for training

Now that over one billion iOS and Android phones and tablets are AR compatible, almost anyone can use their phone to interact with virtual elements as if they were real. With mobile AR, you can even physically feel the presence of digital objects, as you literally move around them.
Safety Training in AR
AR training Engagement

As close to reality as it gets

SENAR 3D visuals are created with light and shadow effects at a smooth 60 frames per second, and there are no size limitations. The details are so precise, they appear authentic.

Even the sound is spatialized, growing louder as the user approaches the source of the noises, making it seem like the digital object is anchored in reality.

Individual reports

Users can access their personal performance report in real time and view itemized data such as number of attempts, awards, and score. They can also monitor their progress over time and view their final evaluation report.
AR for Knowledge Retention
User Interface for AR

Immediate user adoption

Using the SENAR app is as easy as watching a video on your phone. Mobile AR is intuitive and can be enjoyed immediately, remotely, or in the classroom. Trainees can familiarize themselves with the elegant and user-friendly interface in less than 30 seconds.
Memorable experience

Increase engagement and focus

Mobile AR increases engagement and focus because it is visual, entertaining, and takes place in the real world. This is especially effective for younger generations who are used to receiving rapid feedback, rewards, and interactions.

Be prepared for hazardous situations

Students are immersed in "what if" scenarios where they can experience the consequences of wrong decisions for themselves as well as for others. They build natural reflexes in risky situations and can be exposed to rare hazards in complete safety.
Hazardous situation in AR

Boost knowledge retention

Immersive training activates spatial memory in the brain, improving retention by up to 80%. By practicing first in AR, trainees can develop awareness and reach the necessary level faster before practicing in a real environment.