AR Training simulators tailored to your needs

Interested in getting your own customized AR Training collection? We can design simulators that fit your industry, your equipment and your corporate processes, whether they are safety-related or not.

Check-out some examples of custom AR training simulators we have already produced down below.
Training Skid in mobile AR

See the invisible

These AR simulators use disassembly and cross-sectional views to show what's hidden to the naked eye.
Training Skid in mobile AR
Cross-sectional view of a pump in mobile AR
Weir under the floor in mobile AR
Ravine behind a wall in mobile AR

Experience the consequences of bad decisions

From lifting accidents to explosions, or electric shock, our AR simulators allow students to experience accidents in total safety.
Lifting accident in mobile AR
Electric shock in mobile AR
Gas explosion in mobile AR

Understand how it works

Interact with equipment to observe it operating up close, from any angle. 
Baler in mobile AR
Butterfly valve in mobile AR
EPZ Grounding in mobile AR

Train on didactic benches

Train your students on the digital twin of one of your didactic benches (with the added bonus of simulated accidents!)
Solar panel installation in mobile AR
Earthing bench in mobile AR - connecting cords
Earthing bench in mobile AR
Electrical enclosure in mobile AR - selecting PPE
Motor feeder bench in mobile AR

Working underground

Whether dealing with a confined space, flooded basement, or gas leak, our AR simulators allow your teams to train safely inside underground AR scenes.
Confined space in mobile AR
Gas Leak detection in mobile AR
Inspecting a flooded basement in mobile AR
Inspecting a flooded basement in mobile AR

Giant life-size simulators

With no size limit, mobile AR makes it possible to practice from home in scenes as impressive as a conveyor room or an aircraft fuselage.
Aircraft fuselage in mobile AR (EWIS inspection)
Conveyor in mobile AR
Excavator in mobile AR