SENAR Studio, your AR Training Cockpit

With SENAR Studio, thousands of users can engage with immersive training instantly. Everything you'll need is included, from user management to performance data and engagement reports.
Safety Training in AR
Organizing AR simulators in collections

Organize AR simulators into collections

User Profiles and AR Simulators are managed via the Studio's streamlined interface.

The simulators are uploaded to the Studio and saved into one or several collections. A collection can then be assigned instantly to a group of instructors.

Manage user access

SENAR Studio is in charge of generating the secured QR codes that are associated with the simulators. Trainees may simply scan the QR code supplied by their instructor to download the simulators.

If an LMS is already in place, Senar Studio may be accessed through SSO.
Managing user access to simulators

Performance Dashboard

The SENAR app records data that provides a wealth of information about what students are doing in the AR simulators and how they are progressing, including number of tries, failures, success rate, duration, etc.

Predefined web dashboards give clear insight into patterns within a group of users. This is especially useful when evaluating a staff and ensuring that training programs are effective enough to meet the required levels of performance.

Data can also be exported in .csv format for further analysis in spreadsheets or analytics platforms.

AR training Engagement
Engagement reports for AR training

Engagement reports

Engagement reports show how many people are actually using the simulators over a period of time and how often they return to improve their skill set. This is very helpful in ensuring staff stays on track while each team member progresses at their own pace.

The data collected by the app is presented clearly in reports that can be shared with other colleagues or exported in .csv format for further analysis.

Instant Feedback

We have integrated Typeform surveys so you can obtain immediate feedback from your trainees on their simulator experiences.
A ten-question questionnaire is included and may be customized. All collected data is accessible in real time through a simple URL.

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