Safety Training on mobile in AR
Using a defibrillator in AR

Train your staff with mobile AR and develop long-lasting skills 2x faster

Enhance your training programs with Augmented Reality and bring your team as close to reality as possible.

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All you need is a mobile phone or tablet to display a virtual world right inside a real environment.

Immersive experience


AR simulators replicate real environments in life-size 3D to simulate scenarios that would be too dangerous or too expensive to reproduce in real life.
Memorable experience


AR simulators activate the brain’s spatial memory during training, increasing engagement and knowledge retention by more than 80%.
Engaging experience


Users are actors, not just spectators, in an impressive immersive environment that is fun and exciting to explore.

Eight Off-The-Shelf Collections

Senar Collections contain ready-to-use AR simulators that close the gap between theory and practice. Users become actors in scenarios that familiarize them with complex processes and risky situations.

Simulators can also be customized for your needs; check-out some examples here.
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The SENAR app

Immersive Training at your Fingertips

Packed with all the best practices for AR training
  • Available on most of the recent iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Instant access to AR simulators from any device, anywhere
  • Instructional UI for a smooth experience
  • Individual performance reports
  • Fun and gamified experience
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Senar mobile app
Senar Studio

SENAR Studio

Your AR Training Cockpit

User-friendly Back-office
  • Organize your AR simulators into collections
  • Manage user profiles and access
  • Measure engagement through detailed reports
  • Track performance via dashboards
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Discover our AR Simulators in action

We increase safety and performance in the workplace by making immersive training accessible to anyone anywhere.