Forklift Inspection Training

Forklift Inspection Training in AR (Augmented Reality)

Every day, millions of individuals from a variety of industries use powered industrial trucks, often known as forklifts, to transport goods. They're used to raise, lower, and remove large objects or a variety of smaller ones on pallets or in boxes.

Forklifts are still one of the most frequent causes of business and industrial accidents, with approximately 11% of forklifts in the United States being involved in an accident each year, unfortunately resulting in  many serious injuries and fatalities.

As a result, companies must ensure each forklift operator receives proper safety training on possible hazards, how to safely operate forklifts, and how to ensure such equipment is safely maintained before assigning them to operate forklifts.

Forklift Inspection Training


Inspection, Assessment


25 min


EN, FR, other languages on request

Learning Objectives

This Augmented Reality simulator is designed to help new or veteran employees inspect a powered industrial truck safely, protecting them and coworkers from any potential hazards associated with their use.

Trainees will acquire hands-on understanding of the major components of a forklift, and they'll learn how to do a pre-shift inspection by finding the flaws throughout the truck, to prevent accidents caused by faulty or aged equipment.


Any powered industrial truck operator.
Forklift Inspection Training
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Forklift Inspection Training
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Training Scenarios

All the Forklift inspection training scenarios are represented in photorealistic 3D visuals in Augmented Reality that allows the trainees to learn about forklift inspection in an immersive environment without any risk to themselves or others. The rendering is extremely realistic and is based on input from professionals.

Trainees are able to move freely around the forklift to inspect it from every angle. They use the camera on their phone to experience a fully functional life-size forklift that they can virtually drive in the safety of their own homes or office. To perform inspections correctly, they must identify all the flaws.

Scenario 1: Forklift inspection

Trainees have the unique opportunity to perform a pre-shift inspection to detect potential hazards on two powered industrial trucks. Sixteen flaws have to be identified in total. At the start of the simulator, 5 flaws appear randomly on each forklift. 

The pre-shift inspection simulation includes the following topics: brakes, controls, gauges, lights, seat belts, horns, strobe light, backup alarm, tires and wheels, emergency controls.

Scenario 2: Forklift test drive and component checking

Future operators have access to all the controls (steering wheel, levers, pedals) to drive the forklift and maneuver the fork and pallet jack in their real environment. Everything operates and reacts exactly as it would in a real forklift, from the motions to the sounds and lights.


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