Inspection of Scaffolding

Scaffold Inspection Training in AR (Augmented Reality)

Every day, millions of individuals, especially in the construction industry, use scaffolds to work at heights. Though most workers have years of experience handling scaffold material, too many accidents still occur. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), falls from scaffolds account for roughly 25% of fatal falls from all working surfaces. 

Scaffold incidents that result in injuries or deaths to workers are frequently caused by planking or support failure, the worker slipping, the absence of fall protection, or a falling item striking the worker. 

It is critical for all workers interacting with a scaffold or its supporting structure to be properly trained in order to protect them from preventable hazards.

Inspection of Scaffolding




40 min


EN, FR, other languages on request

Learning Objectives

This Augmented Reality simulator is intended to assist students in assessing scaffolding safety. They will improve their knowledge on what to look for during a thorough inspection. They will be able to recognize hazards as per OSHA rules to avoid any injuries.


New or seasoned employees who are required to work on a scaffold.
Inspection of Scaffolding
Inspection of Scaffolding

Scaffold Safety Scenarios

The Augmented Reality scaffold is represented in photorealistic 3D visuals, allowing students to search for flaws in an immersive environment without any risk to themselves or others. The 3D models are based on input from experts. Users can walk through a scaffold to inspect equipment and working conditions for safety violations in real-time. They can climb the virtual metal ladder and access the upper level of the scaffold, where a construction worker is standing, painting a wall.

Trainees utilize their phone's camera to simulate life-size scaffolding that they may inspect at any time, at home, in the office or during on site training. They must assess the potential hazards of a series of four life-size scaffolds. Successful completion requires looking for a total of 20 flaws, such as: base plate missing or non-compliant, damaged standard, corroded ledger, coupler missing, gap between planks, etc.

The concern for realism is such that the maintenance date on the inspection tag automatically updates depending on the date the trainee accesses the simulator.


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