Rigging Inspection Training

Rigging inspection training in Augmented Reality (AR)

Rigging encompasses all the operations needed to secure loads being moved by cranes, hoists or other lifting equipment, often at high elevations. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 30% of fatal crane accidents come from falling objects or equipment.

Dozens of employees die each year in rigging-related incidents, most frequently as a result of loads slipping from the rigging setup, or faulty rigging equipment when electrical lines pose hazards.

Our AR simulator provides hands-on training that helps workers build muscle memory and acquire inspection skills that eventually become ingrained safety habits.

Rigging Inspection Training




40 min


EN, FR, other languages on request

Learning Objectives

The Augmented Reality (AR) training simulator is used for rigging gear inspection training on hardware and equipment. Trainees walk around a life-size digital rack loaded with more than 2,000 lbs of rigging equipment, and they must identify 42 flaws that may cause potential hazards.

The simulator provides immediate feedback on the trainee's selection, allowing them to learn and remember key steps to inspect lifting hardware and equipment correctly. Trainees spend about 40 minutes in the simulator to complete the two scenarios. They can practice for up to 20 hours until they pass the challenge.

This AR simulator is all about  hands-on inspection of gear which was actually damaged in the field. This program is designed to build the inspector’s confidence in inspection techniques and improve their decision making skills.


This simulator can be used for competent inspector training and qualified inspector training, to check rigging inspection skills.
Rigging Inspection Training
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Rigging Inspection Training
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Rigging Training Scenarios

Most rigging and materials accidents can be prevented with proper training. Senar AR simulator is one of the most powerful hands-on inspection tools, ensuring that your staff is well prepared and safe when working with equipment and hardware such as web slings, chain slings, wire rope slings, shackles, hooks, eyebolts, hoists, etc.

All rigging gear is represented in photorealistic 3D visuals in Augmented Reality that allows the trainees to learn about rigging inspection and techniques with no risk to themselves or others. The rendering is extremely realistic and is based on input from rigging professionals such as Bishop Lifting Products, a leading manufacturer and service provider for crane, rigging and oilfield applications.

Users are able to move freely around the equipment and inspect it from every angle. Trainees use the camera on their phone to experience a life-size rigging rack in their own homes or office, placing them in realistic scenarios. On-site training is no longer the only solution available to improve one's rigging inspection skills. Inspectors can choose between two hands-on training scenarios.

Training Scenario - Level 1

Trainees are given a rigging rack where they can pick and choose one by one the rigging hardware and lifting equipment that need to be examined. They may then determine if the rigging gear is acceptable to use or whether it should be thrown away after thoroughly examining it from all angles. Users are informed of the issue's location on each lifting device so that they can learn from their mistakes.

Training Scenario - Level 2

At this level, the rigging inspector is expected to justify their removal criteria when they decide that some lifting devices are not acceptable for overhead lift and must be taken out of service. To earn the most points, they need to successfully answer quizzes that require them to look in detail at chain grades, shackle markings, sling wear percentage, etc.


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