'Room of horrors'

'Room of horrors' in Augmented Reality

The World Health Organization estimates that in high-income countries, 10% of patients are harmed while receiving hospital care. The harm can be caused by a range of adverse events, nearly 50% of which are preventable. The 'Room of Horrors' is a simulation-based method to train students and health care professionals in patient safety by identifying critical errors and risks that put patients in jeopardy.

'Room of horrors'






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Learning Objectives

The 'Room of Horrors' recreates a 3D hospital room in great detail. Medical errors and risks are scattered throughout, and students are expected to identify them.

This method raises awareness in a fun way, while encouraging problem-solving. Unlike learning using a theory-based approach, the hazards of everyday clinical life can be experienced hands-on in the Room of Horrors.


This simulator can be used remotely or as an in person hands-on training tool for healthcare professionals and students. It is a powerful training tool immediately accessible to any organization responsible for patient care: hospitals, medical practices, retirement and nursing homes.
'Room of horrors'
'Room of horrors'

Training Scenarios

This simulator will be available in Q2-2022

The simulator starts with a scene representing a photorealistic 3D hospital room with a patient lying on their bed. Using the camera on their phone, students must walk around the room and identify anything that could put the patient's health or life at risk. In some cases they have to provide additional information to narrow down their answer.

Students can choose between five scenarios based on a variety of patient histories and situations. Additional scenarios will be added over time.


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