How mobile AR is revolutionizing remote hands-on training

How mobile AR is revolutionizing remote hands-on training

In recent years, and even more since March, eLearning and video conferencing tools have become the core foundations of distance learning. Still, they cannot reproduce real-life, hands-on training for industrial equipment or technically complex scenarios.

Even with the best instructors and eLearning modules, trainees find it hard to remember step-by-step procedures or checklists because they are only using their visual and auditory memory.

  • Their spatial memory is not activated
  • They don’t interact with a physical device
  • They lack repeated practice

Augmented Reality on mobile devices removes these limitations. The screen on a phone or tablet can bring 3D immersive scenes to life. Users become actors in dynamic life-size scenarios that are the closest possible replication of what they would experience in real life. Because it’s immersive, fun, and takes place in the real world, AR increases user engagement and enhances focus. This works particularly well with younger generations accustomed to quick feedback.

Inspecting the rigging of a steel coil in AR, on an iPad (using the SENAR app)

Immersive training activates spatial memory, as the user visualizes, manipulates, and interacts with complex structures directly. Research shows that this increases the retention rate drastically, as things are remembered in context.

Practicing disassembling/assembling a gauge in AR (using the SENAR app)
Practicing disassembling/assembling a gauge in AR (using the SENAR app)

How Senar can help

SENAR provides a collection of off-the-shelf (OTS) and customized AR simulators.

Trainees can simply download the SENAR app for iOS or Android, sign in and use the authorized simulators. No assistance or onboarding time is required and there is no need to buy new, costly hardware such as VR headsets.

Instructors can monitor trainees’ progress remotely via screen sharing and guide them if needed, or let them practice from the comfort of their home at their own pace. Trainees can practice and fail multiple times while immersed in “what if” scenarios where they can experience the consequences of wrong decisions for themselves.

Trainee performing a Lockout /Tagout on an AR electrical enclosure, while sharing his iPad screen.
A trainee (bottom right thumbnail) is performing a Lock-out /Tag-out on an AR electrical enclosure, while sharing his iPad screen.

When trainees are ready, they can access an assessment scenario to take a test and see the evolution of their score in real time.

In parallel, a web dashboard enables the instructor to evaluate student progress and areas of improvement, so they can provide personalized feedback after the training. While the trainee is performing the test, the application logs every step of the simulator. Real-time reports provide insight into things like student errors, score distribution, average time spent per scenario, etc.

The reports can then be exported or sent back to an LMS in a variety of formats.

Analytics in SENAR Studio
Analytics in SENAR Studio

Eager to see how it works? Simply download the SENAR app, then enter the app as a guest to test out 4 AR simulators.

To get full access to the analytics feature, please contact us here.