SENAR and Zapier: The Perfect Duo for Custom Reporting and Cross-Platform Integration

SENAR and Zapier: The Perfect Duo for Custom Reporting and Cross-Platform Integration

We are thrilled to announce that the SENAR platform now seamlessly integrates with Zapier, making it easy for users to connect SENAR with other platforms, create custom reports, and receive notifications via email, text, or other messaging systems. The integration of SENAR with Zapier allows managers to automate tedious tasks, increase productivity, and free up valuable time.

By leveraging the power of the SENAR platform with Zapier's extensive library of integrations, users can now easily automate their workflows and transfer data to and from a vast selection of popular applications - all with little to no code required. With Zapier, it's simple to connect SENAR with leading tools such as Google Sheets, Slack, and popular Learning Record Stores (LRSs) such as Watershed LRS and GrassBlade LRS.

Managers can create custom notifications and reports to keep track of the students' activity in real-time and stay on top of important updates  and milestones. For instance, they can receive a notification when a new user is added to SENAR or when a specific number of users complete a simulator. Furthermore, a 'zap' can be set up to generate a weekly report summarizing the activity and performance of students in a SENAR collection, which can be sent to a designated email address.

To the Administrators, the SENAR-Zapier integration offers endless possibilities to share data with other platforms. Along with direct integrations with popular LMSs/LRSs, Zapier also allows for custom integrations through direct API calls. One particularly interesting use case is the ability to send xAPI statements in real-time as soon as a student completes a simulator within the SENAR application. xAPI (Experience API) has gained popularity in the e-learning industry as a standard for tracking, recording, and integrating a broad range of learning experiences. It was developed to replace the older SCORM standard and offers several advantages, such as tracking learning activities across multiple platforms and devices and collecting more detailed data, including specific actions taken by learners, time spent on a task, and achieved outcomes.

The SENAR-Zapier integration offers a highly flexible solution that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of every organization. We can't wait to see how our clients will use it to streamline reporting and integration, leveraging the vast amounts of data offered by the SENAR platform.

To get started with the SENAR-Zapier integration, simply create a Zapier account and connect your SENAR account here. From there, you can start building custom workflows using the Zapier visual workflow builder.

Here are some examples of Zapier integrations that could be useful for SENAR users.


Data from SENAR can be automatically sent to a Google or Excel Spreadsheet to build various types of reports and dashboards:

  • Weekly or monthly activity (time spent and score) per user
  • Pivot table of user activity per month (number of connexions or completed simulators)
  • Users ranked by score or time spent
  • Leaderboard with by simulator over a period of time
  • User listing of those who passed a test


Data from SENAR can be sent instantly by email, chat, SMS, etc. with triggers such as:

  • A user completes a scenario
  • A user signs in
  • A user's score is higher or lower than a specific value or a certain percentage of the maximum score
  • A registered student completes a simulator (they can then receive a survey link).

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