When AR Takes Rigging Training to the Next Level

When AR Takes Rigging Training to the Next Level

Extract from the Magazine:

LIFT SECURE - Fall 2021

By Jim Timlick

A new, cutting-edge tool could soon transform the way companies train employees on how to conduct safety inspections of rigging equipment and how to properly attach rigging to various load types.

The Augmented Reality Sling and Rigging Hardware Inspection and Lifting Training simulator was officially released in November of 2020. It was jointly developed by Bishop Lifting Products Inc. (BLP), a leading fabricator and distributor of rigging and lifting equipment, and SENAR, a software developer that specializes in creating augmented realty (AR) training simulators for a number of different industries.

It’s the first fully immersive AR training simulator that has been designed specifically for the rigging industry. It can be used on virtually any newer model Apple or Android mobile phone or tablet.

BLP training manager Dan Rose says the beauty of the app is that it allows companies to replicate scenarios virtually that would be too dangerous or too expensive to reproduce in a real world environment.

"One of the things about working with cranes and rigging equipment is it’s inherently not safe. If you don’t know what you’re doing or you’re trying to learn on the job it’s very dangerous," he explains.
"With this AR simulator it gives you the ability to learn these things in a situation where you can screw up as badly as you want to, and the worst case scenario is the simulator gives you a failing grade. There’s no actual real life consequences for any mistakes you might make."

Magazine Lift Secure - Fall 2021
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