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How ENGIE uses mobile AR to train to save a life

Saving a life by performing CPR or using a defibrillator is within everyone's reach, as long as the right actions are taken at the right time. 

However, it is important to have learned and memorized them.

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12h-12h45 Paris Time



You may have experienced it: training all your employees in life-saving techniques is often a headache. In an era of telecommuting, mobility and budget optimization, how can you ensure that everyone has access to practical training no matter where they are? And how to ensure that the skills learned are not forgotten over time?- Because, fortunately, we don't experience emergency situations every day.

ENGIE Entreprises & Communities has decided to encourage practice on such a vital subject by setting up a training program in Augmented Reality accessible on mobile devices. Dealing with a fire start, rescuing an unconscious or choking person, using a defibrillator or identifying the signs of a stroke...These are all situations that employees can now confront with, by immersing in hyper-realistic scenes.

During this 45-minute webinar, Delphine Maroux Martin, Training Manager, will talk about the implementation of the project and the way it is run, through monthly meetings. She will share with you the users' reactions to this new way of learning, practicing, and memorizing procedures.

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AR training Engagement


Delphine Maroux Martin

Training Manager

Delphine leads and coordinates the training program for the employees of Engie "Entreprises and Communities", including "Health & Safety" sessions.

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Eric Zouari

Business Development Director

Eric leads the Sales and Marketing development of Touchflows, SENAR's exclusive distributor for Europe.

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What you will learn during this webinar


Mobile AR (Augmented Reality): definition, strengths and perspectives.


The added value of mobile AR in professional training.


How ENGIE E&C employees develop their life-saving skills in Augmented Reality on their cell phones. (Practical demo)


How ENGIE manages and leads these new training courses, between the necessary flexibility of the schedules and the essential follow-up of the results.


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